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Our company has two types of manuals: Optical Devices & Photoelectric Instruments Manual and Visual Imaging Manual

Optical devices & optoelectronic instruments manual: The products in the manual include: optical components, laser components, optomechanical components, lenses and light sources, measuring instruments, and optical materials. In addition to these standard products, it also provides large-size ultra-precision planar optical component customization, spherical optical customization, aspheric optical customization, imaging lens design customization, optical design customization, and precision angle component customization.

Vision imaging manual: The products in the manual include: fixed focus lens, telecentric lens, zoom zoom lens, line scan lens, short wave near infrared lens (SWIR), 360°outer surround view lens, VIS-NIR lens, relay lens , Teleconverter, etc. In addition to standard lens products, it also provides lens design and development.

Ways to obtain the manual:

1. Obtain directly through email: sales@gu-optics.com or phone: 010-6211-2301;

2. Submit by filling in the information below. After we receive the information, we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Please fill in the following information to submit. After the submission is successful, we will send it to you as soon as we receive the information. Thank you!

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