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United Optical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a spot supplier of optical components, laser optical components, imaging lenses, optical and mechanical components, and optoelectronic instruments. Its purpose is to provide customers with reliable quality products and high-quality one-stop procurement services. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has offices, testing centers and production bases in Tai'an, Shenzhen, Changchun and Chongqing of Shandong Province; It has several processing equipment such as milling mills, grinders, polishers, coating machines, etc., as well as several detection instruments and equipment such as ZYGO laser interferometer, LAMDA 750 spectrophotometer, ZEISS three-coordinate measuring instrument, TRIOPTICS goniometer, TRIOPTICS high-precision MTF measuring instrument, German ARGOS optical element surface automatic detection system, OptiCentric single optical path center deviation measuring instrument, etc., which are in line with industry standards International standards provide customers with cost-effective spot standard products and customized services.

United Optics has nearly 10000 kinds of standard products for you to choose from, such as optical components, optical and mechanical components, imaging lenses, etc. At the same time, we will continue to enrich the product categories, while pursuing higher product quality and professional service level, and grow together with users.

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United Optical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is committed to providing users with optical components, industrial imaging lenses, and imported photoelectric detection equipment.

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