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Optical Fiber Communication
Optical Fiber Communication
Optical fiber communication is a communication technology that uses light waves as a carrier to transmit information, and uses optical fibers as a transmission medium to realize information transmission. It is the main transmission method of modern communication. On the laser beam, the laser intensity changes with the frequency of the electrical signal, and then transmitted through the optical fiber, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal at the receiving end, and the original information is restored after demodulation. It has the advantages of transmission frequency bandwidth, large communication capacity, low transmission loss, and long relay distance.
United Optical provides a variety of optical fibers and optical fiber components and optical fiber communication instruments, including nufern fibers, QBH fiber optic connectors, WDM wavelength division multiplexers, fiber polarization maintaining isolators, fiber polarization maintaining jumpers, fiber circulators, and fiber taper couplings It provides basic tools for building fiber optical paths such as optical fiber detectors, and provides optical measurement equipment, light source lasers, photodetectors, fiber delay devices, fiber amplifiers, photoelectric modulators and other instruments and equipment. It can be used to couple optical input or output, protect and install fiber optic applications, and optical device testing, laser modulation and probing solutions.


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