Imaging Lenses
In recent years, with the development of imaging technology, imaging products have had a huge impact on our lives. With the development of the imaging industry, Imaging components are constantly facing new challenges. In order to meet imaging applications, United Optics has launched a variety of imaging products.
GAOPTICS is an imaging lens brand of Grand Unified Optics (Beijing) Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing customers with high -quality imaging lens products and technical services. GAOPTICS® Lens with the characteristics of excellent optical performance, compact design, and small size. Product types include Fixed Focal Length Lenses, telecentric lens, line scan lens, zoom lens, SWIR lens and so on. There are multi series under each type, for example, Fixed Focal Length Lenses covers 2M, 5M, 8M, 10M pixels and so on. In addition, GAOPTICS also provides various cameras, adapter rings and other imaging components for technical engineers.


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