60 mm Cage Systems
GU Optics's 30mm cage system can be compatible with a variety of optical components with a diameter of 50.8mm, and contains a variety of finishing building blocks, which is convenient for flexible construction of large optomechanical systems and accurate alignment. A cage system is a mechanical component that can serve as the main structure of an optical system. Cage systems are designed to provide high modularity, utilizing individual components purchased separately to meet the different needs of the application. Each of these components is highly adaptable and can be easily calibrated in the system, reducing setup time and being very portable.
GU Optics offers a variety of optical cage systems including, flat panel and optical mounts. Optical cage systems offer an excellent price/performance ratio, high tolerance, smooth movement, increased rigidity, and excellent mechanical stability. Its components can be adjusted, positioned, tilted, and support multiple optical paths. The most basic optical cage system
60 mm Cage Systems


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