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In terms of optical applications, United Optics will pay more attention to operability. These include the operability of optical performance and the operability of cost. Within the theoretical limit of optical performance, the solution should be optimized as much as possible, while at the same time the cost factor. The main products of United Optical Division mainly include optical components, imaging components, and optical instruments. In these three areas, we all have different applications, and we will focus on sharing application cases on this page. In the optical component part, our standard components are applied to various optical path systems to realize various complex optical paths. We will share some classic cases. In order to meet the special optical system, we have designed and produced high-precision, special component products. For imaging components, our engineers focus on imaging applications, and the products covered include industrial vision automation, biology, medical, etc. For optical instruments, our instruments are used in various fields, such as power testing, component optical parameter measurement and so on. I hope that our application case sharing can help you all.

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Raw material weight calculation


1. Enter the size and density of the raw material;

2. Cylinder parameters: radius, thickness, density;

3. Cube parameters: length, width, height, density;

4. Dimensions are in mm, weight in kg.



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