Optomechanics can provide installation, fixation and adjustment for the application of various optical components, or can be used for displacement adjustment of multiple degrees of freedom in the system. According to different space size, weight, function, precision requirements, ease of operation, allowable environment and other factors, various opto-mechanical components are produced and processed. The Optomechanics of GU Optics include optical bridge system, piezoelectric stage, optical table and vibration isolation system, manual stage, optical adjustment frame, opto-mechanical components and accessories, etc.
Optical Cage Systems
  1. 30 mm Cage Systems
    Φ6mm Optical Post Holders
    Post Thread Adapters
    30 mm Cage Cube
    30 mm Cage cube Beamsplitter Adapters
    30mm Cage Cube Optic Mounts
    30 mm Cage Cube Cover Plates
    30 mm Cage Mounting Bracket
    Mirror Mount for 30 mm Cage Systems
    30 mm Cage System Rotation Mounts
    30mm Cage System Filter Wheels
    30 mm Cage System Iris Diaphragm
    Mounting Base for 30 mm Cage Plates
    Z-Axis Translation Mount
    30 mm Cage Cube for Beamsplitter Cubes
    30mm Cage Cubes for Plates Optics
    30mm Cage Cube Connector
    30 mm Cage Right-Angle Mirror Mount
    Cage Plate Stops for Rods
    30 mm Cage Plates
    Φ1" Lens Tubes
    30 mm Cage Cube Cover Plates
    Alignment Plates for 30 mm Cage Systems
    Vertical Mounting Plate
    Lens Tube Mounts
    Standard Retaining Rings
    Spanner Wrenches
  2. 60 mm Cage Systems
    XY Translation Mount
    XYZ Translation Mount
    30 mm to 60 mm Cage Plate Adapter
    Φ2" Lens Tubes
    60 mm Cage Mirror Mounts
    60 mm Cage Rotation Mount
    60 mm Cage Plates
    60 mm Cage Cubes
    60 mm Cage Mounting Bracket
    60 mm Cage Right-Angle Mirror Mount
Optical Bridge Components
  1. Lens Mounting Ring
  2. Filter Mounting Ring
  3. Frame Fixing Ring
  4. Multifunctional Optical Path Extension Tube
  5. Thread Conversion Adapter
  6. Simple Focusing tube
  7. Fast Conversion Adapter
  8. Copper Locking ring
  9. Dust protective Cover
Optical Tables
  1. Optical Board
    Solid Aluminum Breadboard
    Optical Breadboards
  2. Optical Breadboard Accessories
    Vertical Brackets
Optical Mounts
  1. Optical Mirror Mounts
    Standard Optical Mounts
    Clamping Ring Fixed Optical Mounts
    3 Axis Spacer Rings Optical Mounts
    Stainless Steel Mirror Mounts
  2. Lens Mounts
    Adjustable Lens Mount
    XY Translation Mounts
    Self-Centering Lens Mounts
    Fixed Lens Mounts
  3. Prism Mounts
    Tip and Tilt Prism Platform Mounts
    Prism Mounts
    Clamping Arms
  4. Special Mirror Mounts
    Beam Dump
    Flip Mount Adapter
    5-Axis Kinematic Mount
  5. Rotation Mount
    Tip-Tilt / Rotation Mount
    Manual Rotation Mounts
  6. Optical Filter Mounts
    Filter Mount
    Manual Filter Wheels
    Quick-Release Plate Filter Clamp
    Filter Mount for Square Optics
  7. Cylindrical Objects Mounts
    Post Mountable V-Clamps
    Post Mountable Kinematic V-Mounts
  8. Rectangular Cylindrica Grating Frame
    Fixed Mounts for Cylindrical Lens
    Adjustable Mounts for Cylindrical Lens
    Kinematic Mounts for Rectangular Optics
  9. Irises / Apertures / Slits
    Precision Pinholes
    Post-Mounted Iris Diaphragms
    Variable Slits
Opto-Mechanics and Accessories
  1. Optical Rails and Sliders
    Optical Rails
    Rail Carriers
  2. Support Rods/Rod Holders and Assemblies
    Mounting Posts
    Fixed Height Pedestal
    U- Type Magnetic Base Post Holder
    3 Holes Magnetic Base Post Holder
    Mounting Post Holders
    One Piece Optical Post Holder
    Holding Fork
    Height Pedestal
    Adjustable Height Post Holders
    Post Collars
    Shim Plate
  3. Rod Clamps
    Vertical Rod Clamps
    Universal Post Clamps
  4. Slide Bases
    Slide Bases
  5. Large Column Clamping Devices
    Φ38mm (1.5 ") post Clamps
    Φ38mm (1.5 ") Optical Posts
    Φ38 mm Post Holders
  6. Adapter screw and accessories
    Screw Thread Adaptors
  7. Laser Viewing Cards
    IR Laser Viewing Cards


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