Line Scan Lenses
Line scan lens also known as linear array lens, can be understood as a lens used with line-scan camera. The biggest characteristic is that the maximum image size is very large, usually the common focus include 40mm, 60mm and 80mm.Because of the large imaging size, and we need specially pay attention to its important parameters, such as MTF, consistency of center and edge, relative illumination, distortion and the field curvature, etc.
GAOPTICS® is an imaging lens brand of Grand Unified Optics (Beijing) Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing customers with high quality imaging lens products and technical services. GAOPTICS’S line scan lens features with high consistency between center and edge, better relative illumination, low distortion, and optimization of field curvature. Adhering the concept of "speaking with data", GAOPTICS provide customers with actual testing data of MTF, relative illumination, distortion and other data of our line scan lens, so customers can quantitative evaluate the performance by the actual data.
Line Scan Lenses


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