Motion Controllers
The motion control products of GU Optics are divided into Manual Stages and piezoelectric nanostage. The manual stage includes linear stage, dovetail stages, vertical translation stage, rotation stages, tip-tilt stage, manual tilting platform, multi-axis stage, etc. Manual stages can often be configured as 1-, 2-, or 3-axis solutions. Piezoelectric nanostage, also known as nanostage and nanopositioning stage, is an electric stage driven by a piezoelectric motor. Gu Optics' piezoelectric stage products include a series of piezoelectric nano translation stages, goniometers stages, rotation stages, vertical stages and integrated XY stages. The nano-stage is equipped with position feedback, which can display the actual position of the stage in real time. According to the needs, users can choose the combination of different precision position feedback and different stages.


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