Eyepiece Clamping Mount
In optical laboratories and many other practical applications, commercially available eyepieces, objective lenses, sensor components, etc. with standard threaded interfaces are often used; at the same time, there are also a large number of non-standard or OEM lenses, such as various condensers, collimation combinations. mirrors, beam expanders, etc. How to reasonably and conveniently match these non-standard interface components into the optical path, and require accurate and adjustable clamping (such as focus position, concentric optical axis, etc.); in fact, it is a very realistic and relatively headache problem. Eyepieces and other lens-holding components provide you with a practical and economical solution.
Eyepiece Clamping Mount

Our company has two types of manuals: Optical Devices & Photoelectric Instruments Manual and Visual Imaging Manual

Optical devices & optoelectronic instruments manual: The products in the manual include: optical components, laser components, optomechanical components, lenses and light sources, measuring instruments, and optical materials. In addition to these standard products, it also provides large-size ultra-precision planar optical component customization, spherical optical customization, aspheric optical customization, imaging lens design customization, optical design customization, and precision angle component customization.

Vision imaging manual: The products in the manual include: fixed focus lens, telecentric lens, zoom zoom lens, line scan lens, short wave near infrared lens (SWIR), 360°outer surround view lens, VIS-NIR lens, relay lens , Teleconverter, etc. In addition to standard lens products, it also provides lens design and development.

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1. Obtain directly through email: sales@gu-optics.com or phone: 010-6211-2301;

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